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yay. i love this post and i love reading a food philosophy that is similar to my own.

i especially like the part about choosing to eat local and conventional over organic food from far away. so many of our small farmers do grow organic produce but they just don't have the means to get the certification. one more reason its great to have that connection with your local farmer.

Heidi Krause

What a great resource to have in what was, not even 6 years ago, a complete food desert. i love reading this blog. :)


i'm now a fan.

Amy J

I love your concept and your passion for living local.


How nice to find this lovely blog from Evansville! beautiful energy here.

I am involved with building up the New Harmony Farmer's and Artisans's Market to become a dependable and valuable source of food for New Harmony and Posey County. We share vendors with Evansville's and Mt Vernon's markets, and we are working hard to extend the growing and Market season from mid spring to late fall. Why not? You can grow food here nearly year round!


such a wonderful philosophy! love your passion for local and natural foods. :)


Great post! And very encouraging to be diligent on what comes in and goes out of my own kitchen. Thanks gals!

AG Ambroult

yesssss. I love it, though I have to admit I am not quite there yet. I am still buying so many groceries at the store, as sourcing local products around these parts can be tricky (meat, dairy...). But I do have goals that that messy kitchen of mine, and it sure is a busy place. This post inspires me.

Mandy at FoodFromHere

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words.

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